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Melissa Harris-Perry Covers Snowden on MSNBC

By James Marino

What the hell is happening lately? Did I miss something? I feel like I am suddenly living in a different, perhaps comically-induced parallel universe. Maybe I’m just getting older, more aware and cynical, but things that are way out of my control seem to be getting more and more fantastical as of late. After I first viewed this, I honestly thought it was a joke — maybe a Saturday Night Live skit or something. They’re both run by the same conglomerate, so why not? I don’t watch SNL or MSNBC at all, and have no idea who this lady is. For all I knew she was an SNL cast member. At that moment, to me, it seemed like a pragmatic and reasonable deduction. Wrong. Melissa Harris-Perry is real, and people actually allow her to speak on air — for money.

Read the Rest @ Video: Melissa Harris-Perry And MSNBC’s Bizarre Open Letter To Edward Snowden

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