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Hyperloop Alpha: This Could Change Transit Forever

By Mario Aguilar

Inventor-entrepreneur-mad-scientist Elon Musk just released an alpha design of his vision for the future of high-speed transit. This is our first look at Hyperloop. After teasing the concept for months, we’re finally going to be able to figure out if this is a fantasy—or the beginning of our new reality.

The entire PDF of the design is embedded below. It’s a crapton of information, so here’s what you need to know, summarized as succinctly as possible.

Until now, everything we’ve been able to figure out about the Hyperloop has been based on a few basic claims: That it could get you from San Francisco to Los Angeles in about 30 minutes; that it would cost 1/10th the estimated $70 billion price tag of the proposed high-speed rail line connecting the two coastal cities; and that it’s “a cross between a rail gun, the concord, and an air hockey table.”

Read the Rest @ Hyperloop Alpha: This Could Change Transit Forever.

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