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Average Salary for Detroit Teachers $71,000

By Daniel Greenfield

If only we paid teachers more, I bet we could get that number up to 8 percent. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like if you’re going to leave work on a labor protest, you should at least make sure that 1 in 10 of your students isn’t functionally illiterate. But there’s a reason that the phrase, “Close Enough for Government Work” was coined. The educational system turns out functional illiterates overseen by over-privileged teachers unions who get free cosmetic surgery and $71,000 dollar salaries. Because that is close enough for government work.

The average Michigan teacher salary is $63,000. Not top. Average. There is no non-government profession where this level of ongoing incompetence would be so richly remunerated. So what do Detroit teachers get paid in exchange for a 4 percent and 7 percent success rate? Poor bankrupt Detroit pays teachers more than San Fran and NYC, cities that have actual money. The average teacher’s salary in Detroit is $71,031.

Read the Rest @ Detroit Teachers w/$71,000 Salaries Leave Work to Protest, While Only 7 Percent of their Students Can Read
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