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Melissa Harris-Perry’s Delusional Assessment Of Detroit: Government Too Small

“She completely missed the point. People were leaving Detroit because of the lack of jobs, high crime, and high taxes. Fewer people were left, so rather than cut taxes, the city raised them. So more people left. Taxes were raised again. Even more people left. And so on. The problem isn’t that the government was too small, it’s that it was TOO BIG. I can’t believe she is paid to be an “analyst”! There are other cities in the U.S. that are in the middle of this vicious cycle. When are people going to learn?” – Dino

“She’s totally missing the point. Having low taxes for your citizens is not the same as having too few of citizens to tax. I pay for taxes on my home and car, yes. But I also shop in my hometown, work in my hometown, and basically do 90% of my business in my hometown, so I’m still paying for taxes back to my hometown. If you lower my taxes, I’ll have more money to spend in town. Either way, the city is getting it back. If you drive up your taxes excessively, people leave and take 100% of all of those tax dollars with them. Besides, Mr. Yeeaaahhh said that people are going to lose part of their pension funds, which tells me that excess pension funds are part of the problem. People moving out should have no effect or barring on other people’s pension funds unless they are promising money that wasn’t honestly allocated in the first place. The logic she’s trying to draw here is wildly skewed and, whether she knows it or not, shows just how utterly ignorant she is. I’ve heard of beer goggles, but this lady clearly has Kool-aid goggles. If Jim Jones had a daughter she’d look like Melissa Harris Perry.” -MikeDR2012

“She knows very well that she’s wrong. She is quite obviously deliberately LYING to support her dogmatic socialist view of the world. Keep in mind, she’s the one that said our children belong to the society first. She’s a dogmatic ideologue, and her belief structure is part of her very identity, and must be protected with a zealousness that means truth must be sacrificed.” – Jared Mark

“For nearly half a century, from 1913 through 1962, Detroit was managed by Republican Mayors 90% of the time (45 years of Republican Administrations and only five years for Democrats). During that time, Detroit became a powerhouse for business and the people of Detroit benefited. By 1960, the people of Detroit had the highest per capita income of any city in the United States. Detroit has not elected a single Republican mayor since 1962. The mayor who had the greatest impact on the economic direction taken by Detroit was Coleman Young, who ruled over his kingdom for nearly two decades from 1974 to 1993.” Detroit – Case Study in Liberal Destruction

“(CNN) — A jury on Monday convicted former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick of most of the federal charges against him — including racketeering conspiracy, extortion and the filing of false tax returns — in a case that accused him of using the mayor’s office to enrich himself and associates, CNN affiliate WDIV-TV reported.” Ex-Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick convicted in corruption case

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