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The Saga of Social Security–Socialism 101

From Mad Hammer’s Blog

Columbia University professor Henry Rogers Seager wrote ”Social Insurance: A Program of Social Reform” in 1910. It influenced President Roosevelt and lead to the introduction of Social Security. This book is available on the web site of the Social Security Administration, here:

Seager noted the individualism that characterised Americans and called for something different. He compared this situation with Europe, and lamented the individualism of the United States. “Finally, socialism, the extreme antithesis of individualism, numbers fewer converts relatively to the population in the United States than in any other country of the Western World.”

… “For other great sections of the country–the sections in which manufacturing and trade have become the dominant interests of the people, in which towns and cities have grown up, and in which the wage earner is the typical American citizen–the simple creed of individualism is no longer adequate.  For these sections we need not freedom from governmental interference, but clear appreciation of the conditions that make for the common welfare, as contrasted with individual success, and an aggressive program of governmental control and regulation to maintain these conditions.”

Read the Rest @ Roosevelt | Mad Hammer’s Blog.

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