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Egyptian opposition slams Obama, US ambassador


By Ariel Cohen & Charles Rollet

As the chaos in Egypt worsens, anti-Islamist protesters are becoming increasingly frustrated with President Barack Obama’s perceived support for the Muslim Brotherhood.

This past weekend, millions of Egyptian citizens took to the streets in order to protest the Islamization of their government. President Obama has failed to take a clear stance on the mass demonstrations in Egypt against Muslim Brotherhood-aligned President Mohamed Morsi, urging restraint on all sides.

“We’d like to see the opposition and President Morsi engaged in a more constructive conversation around how they move their country forward, because nobody is benefiting from the current stalemate that exists there,” Obama said during a press conference in Pretoria, South Africa, this past weekend.

… Middle Eastern policy expert at the Brookings Institution, Khaled Elgindy, told The Daily Caller that the opposition camp largely see the U.S. as “swapping out Mubarak for Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.”

“They believe this is another situation where the U.S. is supporting an authoritarian or undemocratic ruler against the will of the people,” Elgindy said.

The Obama administration’s alleged support of the Brotherhood-led government is deeply unpopular with protesters, who some sources estimate numbered up to 14 million on Sunday.

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Check out President Obama’s strong support to ousting Mubarak, compare it to today’s…

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