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Documentary: The Other Side of Immigration

Just thought I’d share this trailer for a good documentary to check out on Netflix. It covers the immigration issue in a way not typically portrayed by our US news media. The description below the video clip is from the film’s website

About the film. Based on a National Science Foundation-funded study of over 700 Mexican households, The Other Side of Immigration asks why so many Mexicans have left home to work in the United States and what’s happened to the families and communities they’ve left behind. Structured around social science theory and the director’s academic research, the film challenges audiences to think about the many political, economic, and social causes and effects of mass migration in Mexico. Topics discussed in the film include: the impact of market policies (including NAFTA) on the incomes of small Mexican farmers, social pressures that have perpetuated mass migration, the relationship between migration and politics in rural Mexico, the effects of migrants’ remittances on local economies, and the impact of migration on family life. The Other Side of Immigration has been called a “must-see for anyone serious about the subject” and “beautifully shot film” that “shows the human side of immigration.”

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