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IRS Scandal Continues: News Media Colluding to Spread Propaganda?

The second part of my headline is simply my opinion at the moment which I have developed by following the IRS scandal closely, please make sure to do your own research and make up your own minds. Earlier this week I commented on an IRS news story, my post was titled “IRS now says that Liberal Groups were targeted, Administration Continues to Destroy its Credibility”. The earlier “legitimate news” story, which you can read HERE, began with…

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Internal Revenue Service’s screening of groups seeking tax-exempt status was broader and lasted longer than has been previously disclosed, the new head of the agency acknowledged Monday. Terms including “Israel,” ”Progressive” and “Occupy” were used by agency workers to help pick groups for closer examination, according to an internal IRS document obtained by The Associated Press.

Below is today’s story, covering the follow up response by the IRS Inspector General AND the current IRS chief…

The government watchdog that exposed IRS targeting of conservative groups gave a blunt response to Democrats’ claims that the agency also targeted liberals: It never happened. “We found no indication in any of these other materials that ‘Progressives’ was a term used to refer cases for scrutiny for political campaign intervention,” IRS Inspector General J. Russell George wrote in a letter to Democrats.

Democrats have since turned on the IG’s office, claiming it is only telling half the story. But Republicans used the letter, and a House hearing on Thursday, to counter that narrative — getting the current IRS chief to confirm that, in fact, there’s no evidence to date that progressives were targeted. “So far, the evidence only shows conservatives being systematically targeted by the IRS,” Rep. Dave Camp, R-Mich., said.

Camp pressed the issue as he questioned newly appointed IRS boss Danny Werfel. Citing the IG letter, he asked whether Werfel’s own internal report contradicted the claim. “No,” Werfel said, while adding “more investigation” is needed.

Read the Rest @ Watchdog knocks down Dem claim that liberal groups were targeted by IRS

What kind of mainstream news media would spread a story to manipulate the American public into thinking that their government did not act in a biased manner by not simply targeting a group, but an entire ideology that is against big inefficient government, AFTER the IRS planted a question to itself during a question and answer moment in order confess to these actions. If that is not propaganda I don’t know what is. As far as collusion goes, why would an independent objective impartial news media not question IRS chief Danny Werfel about these specific matters, like the House did today, before spreading a news story cobbled together by looking at “documents” that was sure to mislead trusting readers? Things are getting ridiculous. Have we officially reached the point where we can’t trust the news media? WAKE UP people, someone is trying their best to pull the wool over your eyes.

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