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IRS now says that Liberal Groups were targetted, Administration Continues to Destroy its Credibility

Yes folks all of a sudden, after a new guy was put in to head the IRS, a “document” obtained by the Associated Press reveals that liberal key words like “progressive” and “occupy” were also put on a list to flag IRS applications for tax exempt status. Ignore the fact that an actual source isn’t tied to those details, its simply a document. Forget the fact the IRS planted a question to itself during a conference to finally confess to the conservative political targeting, just 4 days before an investigative report was to be released revealing this to the American public. Forget the fact that Lois Lerner, Director of the IRS’ tax exempt division who had the original question planted, pled the 5th to avoid answering questions during the Congressional hearings that followed. Forget the fact that higher ups at the IRS knew that this targeting was going on for months and denied, yet told White House lawyers about it, but conveniently, not the President. Forget the fact that the issue here was not simply the targeting lists, including dangerous keywords like “constitution” and “bill of rights” but the exhaustive reviews which asked conservative groups for information such as detailed Facebook comments and the contents of prayers. Forget the following line of questioning of Steven Miller, acting IRS Commissioner at the time, in which he says there was not a liberal targeting list…

This administration has a huge problem on its hands. After Edward Snowden leaked information regarding the NSA spying, this administration assured us it was not a big deal, yet, they instantly wanted to charge him with treason, for, according to them, revealing information that was not secret. They were simply complying with the Patriot Act, move along, nothing to see here.

Now, weeks after the IRS was publicly demolished by Congress after a coordinated confession by the IRS for biased political targeting, a document reveals news that both sides were targeted. Move along nothing to see here. No one thought that would be good information to share during congressional hearings? Maybe it was the whole, swearing under oath thing? Whatever the facts may be at this point, one thing is for sure, the White House is losing more and more credibility as the days continue.

– Unaffiliated Party . Think for Yourself

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