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ABC News Propaganda is Back – Immigration Reform

The following report shows why the current immigration reform talk is not serious. They are doing nothing to fix the long term and persistent illegal part of illegal immigration, and the mainstream news media is more than happy to convince Americans that any effort to enforce our laws is actually racist or cruel. And yes this is a mainstream news effort, why do you think it’s being called undocumented instead of illegal…? Associated Press Elimination of Illegal

House Committee Would Criminalize Being Undocumented – ABC News

By Jim Avila & Serena Marshall

One small step for immigration in the Senate, one giant leap backward in the House? While the Senate was working to amend the bipartisan immigration bill on the floor, the House Judiciary Committee was busy late Tuesday night passing its piecemeal approach to immigration overhaul. First step, making it a federal crime (misdemeanor) to be in the United States with undocumented status.

…But Rep. Zoe Lofgren,  D-Calif., said the legislation makes “being alive and breathing” in the United States a crime. “I cannot support making mere presence a crime in America,” she said.

Read the Rest @ House Committee Would Criminalize Being Undocumented – ABC News.

Oh the hypocrisy of our politicians, so a mere presence can not be illegal? I guess that logic only applies to the “undocumented” because, clearly, those rules don’t apply to American citizens…

President Obama Signs “Anti-Protest” Bill H.R. 347

“HR 347 is a modification from Senate bill S. 1794, which restricted people from entering or blocking public areas that have been closed off by Secret Service while a person under their protection is passing through. The law also included major public events, such as the Inaguration and Presidential campaigns. The new law, which passed the House with a vote of 399-3, extends the original law by adding more protected areas within Washington D.C, and removing the word “willfully,” from the paragraph stating that protesters can be prosecuted if they enter the area willfully and knowingly.”… And yes, this applies to people trespassing onto the White House, without proper documentation. The bill was signed into law last March by President Obama.

Read the Rest @ President Obama Signs “Anti-Protest” Bill H.R. 347
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