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Common Sense Immigration Reform Talk You Won’t Hear From the Mainstream Media

Hit play or visit the link below to listen what it sounds like when informed grown ups discuss the immigration reform process currently happening in the Senate. Notice the lack of pandering, misleading statements and propaganda.

Click this AUDIO LINK if the player above does not load.

The audio is from the McIntyre in the Morning radio show, its on from 5am-9am in LA on am790 KABC. Check out their podcasts at this LINK.

I believe there is a common sense solution to fixing our immigration problem, I have no time at the moment to discuss it further but lets just say it will take two key realizations. First, Americans must realize that their government basically invited illegal immigrants into this country by openly failing to enforce their own laws for decades. Second, the current illegal population must be given some sort of legal status in order to seriously put a definitive stop to further illegal immigrants. Halting future illegal immigration is much easier than skeptics believe it is. Finally, dealing with our illegal immigration failures will serve to make our legal immigration system the best in the world.

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