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Obama taps Susan Rice for national security adviser, Samantha Power for U.N.

By “The Ticket”

In a major second-term foreign policy shuffle, President Barack Obama on Wednesday announced that U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice will take over from Tom Donilon as his national security adviser. Obama also announced that long-time confidante Samantha Power will replace Rice at the U.N.

… Obama had considered Rice last year to succeed Hillary Clinton as secretary of state—but went with John Kerry instead after Republicans made it clear they would block Rice due to the controversy over the Sept. 11, 2012, terrorist strike in Benghazi, Libya. She withdrew her name from consideration.

GOP lawmakers accused Rice of misleading Americans about the attack on the first Sunday news programs after the deadly raid. But documents released earlier this year show that Rice was working from talking points crafted by the intelligence community and shaped by an inter-agency process overseen by the White House in which she appears to have had little to no input.

The appointment—which does not require Senate confirmation—comes with Obama days away from sitting down for the first time with Chinese President Xi Jinping and facing international crises including the civil war in Syria and the increasingly tense standoff over Iran’s suspect nuclear program.

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