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IRS commissioner: No ‘partisanship’ involved in agency behavior – Yahoo! News

By Chris Moody

Outgoing IRS Commissioner Steven Miller apologized Friday on behalf of the Internal Revenue Service for unfairly targeting conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status, but said “partisanship” was not the reason for the agency’s practices.“First and foremost, as acting commissioner, I want to apologize on behalf of the Internal Revenue Service,” Miller said before a House Ways and Means Committee hearing.

… “I do not believe that partisanship motivated the people that engaged in the practices described in the inspector general’s report,” Miller said. “Foolish mistakes were made by people who were trying to be more efficient in their work.”

… “Generally, we provided horrible customer service here. I will admit that, we did,” Miller said when questioned by Rep. Pat Tiberi, an Ohio Republican. “Horrible customer service. Whether it is politically motivated or not is a very different question.”

Read the Rest @ IRS commissioner: No ‘partisanship’ involved in agency behavior | The Ticket – Yahoo! News

NO PARTISANSHIP involved? What a disgrace! Did they target the otherside? Flag any groups and delay the applications using the using words “change, forward, or progressive”? Sounds like the definition of PARTISAN. What a weak apology, then again, what else did you expect from an administration that does not understand the definition of partisanship, accountability or responsibility? Let’s not forget how the threat that “Heads will roll” simply moves they’ll move on to another position, this is ridiculous. Example? Sarah Hall Ingram who served as commissioner of the office responsible for tax-exempt organizations between 2009 and 2012 and is now the director of the IRS’ Affordable Care Act office.

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