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IRS Officials Knew, Did Obama Know Too?

By Michael

The IRS has finally publicly admitted that patriots and Tea Party groups were being specifically targeted for “extra scrutiny”, but the truth is that top IRS officials knew that this intimidating and harassing behavior was taking place two years ago. A report by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration that is going to be released this week shows that the targeting of patriots and Tea Party groups began as early as March 2010, and that the head of the IRS tax-exempt organizations division was specifically told about this targeting in June 2011.

But then the IRS lied to Congress five separate times between November 18th, 2011 and June 15th, 2012 about what was going on. IRS officials flat out lied to Congress and adamantly denied that patriots and Tea Party groups had been specifically targeted. So should we believe the IRS now when they try to pin the blame on a few “low-level” employees in Cincinnati? And were Barack Obama or any members of his administration ever told about any of this? After all, patriot groups and Tea Party organizations were screaming bloody murder about this harassment at the time and if the truth had come out before the election it could have been a massive embarrassment for the Obama campaign. Are we to believe that nobody inside the Obama campaign ever had any discussions about this? If Obama or those close to him did know what was going on, why didn’t they ever do anything to stop it?

… And remember, this kind of scrutiny was only reserved for patriots and Tea Party groups. Obviously the intent was to harass, intimidate and damage those groups at a very politically sensitive time. It would have been one thing if the IRS had come out right away and had admitted the mistakes and had worked feverishly to fix them.

But that did not happen.

Even though the IRS knew exactly what was going on, IRS officials vehemently denied that targeting of patriot and Tea Party groups was taking place in response to five different congressional inquiries between November 18th, 2011 and June 15th, 2012.

Read the Rest @ IRS Officials Knew, Did Obama Know Too?

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