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GOP congressmen ask Obama to release more Benghazi docs

The recent vigor in reporting by the likes of ABC & NBC made me wonder… Where was the mainstream news media a few weeks ago when Jay Carney put up one of the weakest “politicization” defenses I’ve seen in a while?

By Stephanie Condon

A day after releasing an interim report that blames former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for reducing security levels at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya before it was attacked, a group of House Republicans are asking President Obama to publicly release more documents related to the September 2012 attack. The Republican leaders of five committees — the House Armed Services, Judiciary, Foreign Affairs, Intelligence and Oversight and Government Reform Committees — sent a letter to Mr. Obama, asking for the public release of an April 19 State Department cable denying more security in Libya. The cable, which bears Clinton’s signature, was cited in the interim report as evidence that Clinton approved security reductions at the consulate, contrary to what she said before Congress earlier this year.

The congressmen also asked Mr. Obama to give their committees all versions of the Benghazi talking points, as well as all documents and communications that were previously provided for “in camera” review. “Access to this information cannot be dictated by the political interests of the Executive Branch,” the letter says.

In response to the request, White House spokesman Jay Carney on Wednesday dismissed the issue of Clinton’s signature as “a perfect example of an attempt to politicizes something when it’s wholly unnecessary.”

He explained that it’s “standard protocol” for cables leaving Washington to bear the “signature” of the department head — in other words, cables from the State Department simply have Clinton’s name on the bottom. “In this way, Secretary Clinton and others before her signed hundreds of thousands of cables” as secretary, he said. “Efforts to politicize this have failed in the past and they are not helpful to the broad national security interests we share.”

Read the Rest @ GOP congressmen ask Obama to release more Benghazi docs

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