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A Bystander Occupying the Most Powerful Office in the World –

By Peter Baker – The New York Times

Mr. Obama emerged from a heated campaign last November with renewed confidence that he could shape the next four years with a vision of activist government as a force for good in American society. But the controversies of recent days have reinforced fears of an overreaching government while calling into question Mr. Obama’s ability to master his own presidency.

The challenges underscore a paradox about the 44th president. He presides over a government that to critics appears ever more intrusive, dictating health care choices, playing politics with the Internal Revenue Service and snooping into journalists’ phone records. Yet at times, Mr. Obama comes across as something of a bystander occupying the most powerful office in the world, buffeted by partisanship and forces beyond his control.

Read the Rest @ Onset of Woes Casts Pall Over Obama’s Policy Aspirations –

Perhaps being a bad disconnected manager of your Administration is better than being involved in the corruption, but come on, if you can’t control your agencies or representatives, deflect blame or accountability and are actually blind to all these actions, what kind of President does that make?

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