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White House Misleading the American Public About Benghazi

That’s the President’s Press Secretary, Jay Carney, straight up misleading the American public and the mainstream news media. Is the American public going to permit this? As far as the mainstream news media goes, see what happens when you sell yourselves out to the Administration?

By Patrick Brennan

Today at the White House press briefing, press secretary Jay Carney, as Andrew Stiles noted below, offered a variety of interesting explanations for the Obama administration’s behavior following the Benghazi attacks. Perhaps the most jesuitical moments, though, were when Carney stood by his statement from November that only one, very minor change had been made to the CIA-written talking points Ambassador Susan Rice used on her September 16 Sunday-show appearances. As ABC News revealed in great detail today, and The Weekly Standard began to explain earlier this week, that’s not really true: The State Department, in particular spokeswoman Victoria Nuland, asked for massive changes to the talking points after the CIA first drafted them. But Carney insisted to reporters today that this was consistent with what he said in November because, indeed, the White House’s one “stylistic edit” (specifically, changing the description of the U.S. compound attacked from a “consulate,” which it technically wasn’t) was made to a CIA talking-points draft. The only problem, of course, is that the CIA talking-points draft to which the White House made such lilliputian changes was vastly different than what the CIA actually had originally written.

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