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EXCLUSIVE: Special Ops Benghazi Whistleblower on Intervention Failure

BAIER: The administration has insisted from the beginning there was no help available for the Americans under assault in Libya. None that could arrive in time to change the outcome in Benghazi. Tonight is the first of three exclusive reports charging that claim is just not true. Because the special operator in this piece is fearful of reprisal, we have agreed to conceal his identity.

Correspondent Adam Housley has the story. (BEGIN VIDEOTAPE)

HILLARY CLINTON, FORMER SECRETARY OF STATE: Many Americans are asking indeed, I asked myself. How could this happen?

ADAM HOUSLEY, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): In a seven months since the Benghazi attacks on 9/11, information from the administration has been incomplete at best. Details and timelines provided by the state department, the U.S. military and the CIA had been contradictory and failed to answer many questions. In December, a state department review concluded

ADM. MIKE MULLEN (RET), FMR JOINT CHIEF CHMN: There simply was not enough time for U.S. military forces to have made a difference. Having said that, it is not reasonable nor feasible to tether U.S. forces at the ready to respond to protect every high risk post in the world.

HOUSLEY: But members of the military who are monitoring events in Benghazi disagree. Only a few dozen people in the world know what happened that night and Fox News spoke exclusively with a special operator who watched the events unfold and has debriefed those who are part of the response.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  They would have been there before the second attack.  They would have been there at a minimum to provide a quick reaction force that could facilitate their exfill out of the problem situation.  Nobody knew how it was going to develop.  And you hear a whole bunch of people and a whole bunch of advisors say hey, we wouldn’t have sent them there because, you know, the security was unknown situation.

HOUSLEY:  No one knew that?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  If it’s an unknown situation, at a minimum, you send forces there to facilitate the exfill or medical injuries.  We could have sent a C-130 to Benghazi to provide medical evacuation for the injured.


Watch the Video Interview @ EXCLUSIVE: Special Ops Benghazi Whistleblower Claims Obama Could Have Intervened | Benghazi | Fox Nation.

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