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Cuba’s young see bleak future, many want to leave – Yahoo! News

By Jeff Franks

“The main difference,” says Ramis, pointing toward the Straits of Florida, barely visible in the darkness, “is that everyone wants to leave.”His use of the word “everyone,” is an overstatement, but he has touched on one of the Cuban government’s biggest problems – youthful discontent with a system many view as lacking opportunity for a better life.It is not a problem unique to the Caribbean island, which like many underdeveloped countries struggles to hold on to its best and brightest, but unlike most others faces the added difficulty of doing so at the doorstep of a hostile superpower with an open door immigration policy for Cubans.

The government prides itself on providing free healthcare and education to its people, but in an economy handicapped by inefficiency and a longstanding U.S. trade embargo, monthly salaries average the equivalent of $20 a month.

Read the Rest @ Cuba’s young see bleak future, many want to leave – Yahoo! News.

The thing about socialism is that, yes, it makes everyone equal… equally poor.

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