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FAA Furloughs to End, but Who Is to Blame for All the Flight Delays? – Yahoo! News

The House gave final approval Friday to a bill designed to end the furloughs of air-traffic controllers, but not before a partisan floor fight over who is to blame for the thousands of flight delays this week.

… Republicans on Friday were accusing the Obama administration and Democrats of political posturing in the air-traffic controller furloughs, and even accused the FAA of handling its $600 million sequester cut poorly.

“I think we all agree the FAA and the administration has handled the sequester poorly,” Latham said. “The FAA has negotiated in bad faith with the FAA employees, the airlines, the flying public, and the Congress, and the administration has played shameful politics with sequestration at the cost of hardworking American families.”

Boehner, in a statement after the vote, said: “The disruption to America’s air-traffic system over the past week was a consequence of the administration’s choice to implement the president’s sequestration cuts in the most painful manner possible.”

“It’s unacceptable that the FAA chose not to plan for sequestration or utilize the flexibility it already has. Americans were rightly fed up, and it’s unfortunate that the House and Senate were forced to step in and fix the problem when the president chose not to act,” he said.

Read the Rest @ FAA Furloughs to End, but Who Is to Blame for All the Flight Delays? – Yahoo! News.

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