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Entrepreneurship? “Not for me,” most college students say

By Adrienne Burke

Mark Zuckerberg might have been cast by the media as a Gen Y hero, but it turns out that not too many twenty-somethings want to emulate him. Most college students say they do not aspire to entrepreneurship. Asked in a recent survey if they are interested in starting a company in the next few years, more than 60 percent said “no” and only 8 percent said they are “very” interested. Only about one in five students wish their school offered entrepreneurship courses.

AfterCollege, an online career network for college students and recent graduates, surveyed 600 of its registered college students from a variety of U.S. colleges and universities. The resulting report, issued jointly today with Millennial Branding, a Gen Y research and consulting firm run by 29-year-old Dan Schawbel, reveals how students are developing their careers while in college. The outlook is rather grim.

According to “The Student Employment Study,” most students do take internships, but most don’t get paid for them, and most don’t get a job offer out of the deal either. Nearly half of students surveyed have not had a job interview in the past six months.

Read the Rest @ Entrepreneurship? “Not for me,” most college students say | Profit Minded – Yahoo! Small Business Advisor.

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  1. Like Steve Jobs said. My generation aren’t risk takers; they’re too concern with security. Being a entrepreneur is the only way to be … you’re in control. It’s scary having someone dictating how much you can make.

    • It’s definitely a sign of our times, it looks like our school systems have become focused on creating citizens who strive to merely be employees. I’m thinking its cyclical, historically, when the jobs are less abundant people will do what they did in the past, work for themselves, until the jobs are plentiful I suppose, and the cycle continues after that.

      • My hope is even when jobs are plentiful people CONTINUE to work for themselves especially if they’re profitable. I need to read the full article.

      • If it is potentially a foreseeable cycle, why suffer through the lows? I agree completely, if you are thinking ahead you quickly realize that independence and self sustainability is vital.

  2. Those stats surprised me! I was under the impression that our youth are more hands on and adverse to risk for the potential reward since most of us want the ‘lifestyle’ of the wealthy.

    • I graduate a few years ago, but it looks like the current generation is filled with students who assumed that simply graduating college would land them a job.

  3. It’s crazy because I have a handful of friends that have completed post secondary with flying colors and they are still unable to get a job…and when they do its usually not even in their field.

    • Best of luck to them, I’d definitely suggest Har+new’s mentality regarding entrepreneurship to them. With so many resources at our fingertips today there’s no better time for individuals to put their educations to use for their own long term benefit.


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