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White House on flight delays: We told you so –

The White House lashed out Tuesday at Republicans complaining about flight delays, saying they are to blame for the FAA furloughs causing the tie-ups.

“We made it clear that there would be these kinds of negative effects if Congress failed to take reasonable action to avert the sequester,” press secretary Jay Carney said. “The fact is Congress had an opportunity, but Republicans made a choice, and this is a result of a choice they made to embrace sequester, as — and I’m quoting Republicans — a victory for the Tea Party and a home run.”

A growing chorus of lawmakers has been criticizing the administration for furloughing the FAA employees. The GOP has started the Twitter hashtag “#ObamaFlightDelays.” Sen. Tom Coburn (R.-Okla.) called the furloughs “a dangerous political stunt that could jeopardize the safety and security of air travelers.”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell also accused the administration of “political motives” for the furloughs, while House Speaker John Boehner tweeted: “FAA has flexibility to cut costs w/o delaying air travelers; why won’t President Obama let them?”

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