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The Problem with Welfare

Any organization or political party that promotes welfare for people with the capacity to do more for themselves should be abandoned. It should only go to those who truly need it, due to no fault of their own.


Ice T on US Gun Control

After last weekend’s Colorado shooting, there’s been a lot of talk about increasing gun control laws. Here’s Ice T’s brief, but straight to the point, view on the subject.

ABC News Reveals Liberal Leaning

We’re sure there are many who have heard the term “liberal news media”, some understand it exists, others feel its just a way to criticize a fair news source reporting news they don’t agree with. We are here to prove to you that its a very real thing and sadly it exists even on ordinary broadcast television.

There was a tragic shooting early Friday morning during a midnight screening of the latest Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises. At least 12 people were killed and 59 wounded in one of the deadliest mass shootings in recent U.S. history. You would think the moments after the shooting would require proper investigating before rushing to any conclusions about the shooter, but not if you are ABC News.

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The “You Didn’t Build That” Story

Last Friday, the President gave a speech to a crowd in Virginia that will haunt him until election day. I think you’ve surely heard it by now, but with our news media being the way it is, I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t know a thing about it. The following clip is a short segment of the President’s remarks followed by the challenger’s thoughts on his message.

Audio: The President’s Remarks Followed by the Challenger’s Thoughts (mp3)

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Your Tax Dollars at Work

We’ve mentioned this in the past, but for those of you who have ever wondered why trickle down economics isn’t working, the first place you should look is at the politicians who tell you its not working. The problem is, we have a big middleman, and its name is “big government”. The more government we have between the taxed and the actual services we’re supposed to receive with those funds, the more waste we will have. This makes sense in everyday life and it makes sense in politics. The article in the link below is only one example, there are thousands more like this. Hopefully more people will realize why people asking for smaller government are right.

“The inspector general for the General Services Administration has launched an investigation into a one-day award ceremony that cost taxpayers nearly $270,000.” In 2010 the same agency “ran up a taxpayer-funded bill of $822,000 on expenses such as a clown, a mind reader and commemorative coins during a 2010 conference in Las Vegas.”

Drumsticks and violins: GSA event costs taxpayers $270,000

Washington Gridlock or Mismanagement?

The following audio clip is short and to the point, so listen up. It discusses the way our government was designed in order to minimize the power grabs by our representatives. While some see the downside as allowing for one party to simply willfully obstruct the other, I see it as the best way to prevent our democratic system from turning into a totalitarian state, where there is only one party ruling the people. It’s up to the President to make his case effectively to the American people if he feels his proposals are being unfairly opposed, and its up to the opposition to explain why they disagree. Whoever makes the best case wins. The audio is from the McIntyre in the Morning radio show, its on from 5am-9am in LA on am790 KABC. Check out their podcasts at this LINK.

Audio: John McIntyre Breaks it Down (mp3)

Millionaires and their Money

Another clip of Nobel Prize winning economist explaining what “rich people” do with their cash. To those who think they should spread it around, they already do. If you still think that’s not sufficient, and they should hand more over to the government, what makes you think the government will put it to good use?

The government will have to pay someone to manage a program that spreads it around, and that person will need and office, office supplies, and assistants to help them out. Then those people will need benefits and a pension of course.  Before you know it, that tax money has disappeared before trickling down to those who the government claimed would the intended recipients.

Bankruptcies Likely for Irresponsible Cities

One of our favorite hosts is back on the radio. Doug McIntyre rejoins the KABC early morning lineup and with it returns his common sense outlook on politics. Up for some brief discussion today, his take on the latest California city to go bankrupt as well as the potential for Los Angeles to follow in its footsteps. One of the reasons we respect his show is because of McIntyre’s ability to break down what some feel are complicated and partisan political issues into easier to understand pieces that anyone can understand. Even if you’re not living in California the show is worth checking out, here’s a link to his podcasts.

Audio: Doug McIntyre Discusses Looming Bankruptcies

Audio: McIntyre Interviews SB Former City Manager

“Forks Over Knives” Documentary

Above is the trailer to another must watch documentary that will change the way you look at food and health. Since health care and health insurance reform is a major topic these days we thought it would be a good idea to share some vital info with our visitors. Our philosophy is that prevention is less expensive than treatment, however its up to the individual to realize this and do something about it. We all know that no matter how healthy you are, it seems that expensive diseases like cancer can strike anyone by surprise. The popular belief in the United State is, live for today, why go through the hassle of eating healthy and avoiding your favorite foods if there’s no guarantees? Well the reality is that smart choices greatly help reduce those chances, so inform yourself, research, and don’t let misinformation cloud your decision making. Continue reading this post to watch the entire documentary.

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“Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” Documentary

The trailer above is about a life changing health related documentary which is a must watch, so make some time to watch it. What does this have to do with politics? Well, health care spending is one of our country’s largest expenses, amounting for more than 6 or 7 times than what we spend on our military and defense budget. Want to lower the costs? Do what you can to lower the chances that you’ll need to spend thousands on medical care by preventing rather than treating. We need to take over the choices we make in our lives and stop making excuses, or else the government will step in and enforce them for you. In the end, its much cheaper for us to keep them out of it. We’ve added the full film to this post so continue reading if you’d like to watch the entire documentary.

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Great “Affordable Care Act” Talk

Take a good listen to the discussion that takes place in the following 30 minute audio clip. “30 minutes!??….” you say. Yes it’s 30 minutes long but every minute of it is vital considering the issue being discussed will have a direct effect on you sooner rather than later.

Geraldo Rivera’s radio show has become a good source for hearing diversely represented discussions. You might not agree with all of his opinions but he’s a fair guy, and he moderates great discussions between his guests and even his callers. Geraldo says he’s a conservative, but listen to one show and you can tell he’s way more liberal than he states, so we’ll go ahead and grant him a Center point of view, which we’re sure he’d proudly agree with. The other two voices fill out the spectrum, a liberal Left and a conservative Right point of view.

Audio: Geraldo Rivera moderates Affordable Care Act Discussion (mp3)

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US, Don’t be Surprised by a 20+% Sales Tax

Spain is collapsing, raising their sales tax to 21% to deal with their $80 billion budget deficit and a $2.1 trillion federal deficit, what do you think is going to happen to the US when we have to deal with our $15.8 trillion debt… eventually every single person will have to pay for the failures of the policies our apathy is allowing unless we start turning things around NOW.

Spain Deepens Austerity Under European Pressure – Business News -CNBC.

Hard to Argue with Good Old Abe

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John Phillips: Free Speech Radio

Great segment on the John Phillips morning show. Every Friday he takes phone calls for an hour where people can voice whatever opinions they have, anonymously. Again, great common sense perspective from the host, along with a few others, left and right for diversity. Take a listen to see what others are thinking and see where you fall. Think for yourself.

Audio: John Phillips Free Speech Radio Hour (mp3)

Common Sense Radio

Check out the audio below to hear what common sense sounds like. In Los Angeles if you tune in to KABC am790 in the mornings you are lucky enough to have two sources of frank honest political discussion covering the inner workings of local LA, California and National politics. From 5am-9am you get Doug McIntyre, then at 9am it’s John Phillips, who is currently covering for McIntyre so he’s on for 5 hours for now. You won’t agree with everything you hear, but we suggest seeking out and listening to multiple sources for information, as many as you can. The more you hear opposing views the easier it becomes to catch the unrealistic ones. Listen then do your own research to see who’s closer to the truth, don’t believe without questioning. Think for yourself.

Audio: John Phillips discusses LA, California and National Politics (mp3)